Redikall Chakra Guidance for SelfHealing
Redikall Chakra Guidance for SelfHealing
Aatmn Parmar

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About Me

It all started when I could not heal myself, in spite of having a very successful clinical practice as a Homoeopathic physician. 

I learned Yoga, Meditation, Pranic Healing, Reikie, Crystal Healing, Hypnotherapy and eventually realize that Healing is not what people think. Healing is not just meant for 'fixing' Healing is a soul bathing experience.

You need to go beyond the body and energy field to the very root cause behind all human suffering. And that causative factor is a 'Thought' 

If you could master the art of recognizing the precise causative thought, modifying that and amplifying the modified thought, you will be able to heal yourself effectively. Your erroneous thought can create a dis-ease. When you correct the precise erroneous thought and amplify that, you can ease your body, mind, relationships, financial challenges and several aspects of your life. 

What's the best advantage. A right way of healing could help you get in touch with your superconscious mind and you remain in touch with your intuitive guidance and assistance constantly and consistently. Take one step at a time.

Step 1: Clear your thoughts which are not working well. Reorganize your storage system. Recognize the precise thoughts which created challenges for you.

Step 2: Modify your erroneous thought and amplify so that your carefully designed thought can start easing your life

Step 3: Connect to the superconscious Mind for Right Guidance, ideas, solutions, and decision making to steer your life in the right direction.

Healing is a soul bathing experience and you certainly deserve it. Learn it yourself so that you can heal yourself on an ongoing basis till the time old layers of beliefs, conditionings and resultant expressed as well as suppressed emotions shed and you get in touch with your inner brilliance.

Why should you join my network?

You can heal yourself systematically. Assist others in their healing journey and eventually heal the world as each healed individual is a beacon of light, spreading love and light wherever they go. 

You can self-healing, master the art and help yourself as well as others.

Resolve unresolved past, be 100 percent in the now and remain focused on your goal and objective as continue to be inspired by your supreme consciousness.

Of course, it is not a one time process. The journey can take 3 months to 3 decades, based on the level of your preparation and the past backlog. 

Yet, you can start feeling a difference in less than 3 minutes. Do not believe that?

Schedule a free online session and experience how the self-healing techniques work.

Or participate in Group Chat

Or Learn Self Healing Techniques like 'Soul's Temple' and Redikall. 

Seek assistance from other group members.

A Big Thanks

I thank my entire team, my Redikall Facilitators, My workshop and webinar participants and organizers for constantly supporting me and aligning with my mission of 'each one heal one' Are you ready to join me too?

Healing is a soul Bathing Experience.

For me, healing is not just 'fixing' Healing is a way of connecting to the inner brilliance, a way of remaining aligned to the superconsciousness. As we align ourselves, our life becomes easy and effortless.

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